Counter Terrorism

Secretariat: Luigi Toledano
           Chair: José Alejandro García Hernández
·         Moderator: Mauricio Francisco Vega Osnaya
·         Conference Officer: José Javier Barreiro Álvarez

      Dear Delegates,
              As you know, during this model you will be part of the Counter Terrorism Committee and my main purpose is to make you feel comfortable working with me and with the rest of the members of this committee (tables and delegates). I hope you can give me the best of you, your best effort and your best work for us to accomplish all our goals and finish with a very successful model. I think the best way to have a good relation between us is to look at me as a simple guide, not as a “great” or “strong” authority, just as a simple friend who will show you and help you with all kind of trouble you can present during the preparation of this model. And this way, I`ll behave as your guide. Is evident and obviously that I can and must pressure you or even scold you whenever you needed. As you have heard from many teachers, I say: I can behave with you as well as you behave and work with me, I mean, if I don´t look or find any effort on your part, don´t expect me to behave well with you. This is the reason of why my expectations of this model are to do a nice and very successful work together.

             Good Luck Delegates! You will need it.

      Sincerely, Your Counter Terrorism President,
      Luis (Luigi).

   Counter Terrorism´s Chair

       Name: José Alejandro
       Last Name: García Hernández
       Favorite Subject: Chemistry
       Committee: Counter Terrorism
       Position: Chair
       Hobbies: Basketball and Guitar
       Something I think others haven´t done: Dance and scream like a freak
   Counter Terrorism´s Moderator
      Name: Mauricio Francisco
      Last Name: Vega Osnaya
      Favorite Subject: Math
      Committee: Counter Terrorism
      Position: Moderator
      Hobbies: Playing videogames and surfing in the Internet
      Something I think others haven´t done: Burn things like a pyromaniac

       Counter Terrorism Conference Officer
        Name: José Javier
        Last Name: Barreiro Álvarez
        Favorite Subject: History
        Committee: Counter Terrorism
        Position: Conference Officer
        Hobbies: Videogames, Movies, Internet
        Something I think others haven´t done:
        Say stupid things all the time



a.   The possibility of Mexican drugs cartel helping terrorism overseas.

b.   Drug dealing in Mexico as a risk for international security.


Counter Terrorism Blurb

Counter Terrorism Committee

Guided by Security Council resolutions 1373 and 1624, the Counter Terrorism Committee (CTC) works to step up the ability of United Nations Member States to prevent terrorist acts both within their borders and across regions. It was established in the wake of the 11 September terrorist attacks in the United States.
The CTC is assisted by the Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate (CTED), which carries out the policy decisions of the Committee, implements expert assessments of each Member State and facilitates counter-terrorism technical assistance to countries.
Resolution 1373, adopted unanimously on 28 September 2001, calls upon Member States to implement a number of measures to improve their legal and institutional ability to counter terrorist activities, including steps to:
·         Criminalize the financing of terrorism
·         Freeze without delay any funds related to persons involved in acts of terrorism
·         Deny all forms of financial support for terrorist groups
·         Suppress the provision of safe refuge, sustenance or support for terrorists
·         Share information with other governments on any groups practicing or planning terrorist acts
·         Cooperate with other governments in the investigation, detection, arrest, extradition and prosecution of those involved in such acts; and
·         Criminalize active and passive assistance for terrorism in domestic law and bring violators to justice.
The resolution also calls on States to become parties, as soon as possible, to the relevant international counter-terrorism legal instruments.
Resolution 1624 refers to incitement to commit acts of terrorism, calling on UN Member States to prohibit it by law, prevent such conduct and denies safe refuge to anyone "with respect to whom there is credible and relevant information giving serious reasons for considering that they have been guilty of such conduct."
The work of the CTC and CTED comprises:
  • Country visits - at their request, to monitor progress, as well as to evaluate the nature and level of technical assistance a given country may need in order to implement resolution 1373;
  • Technical assistance - to help connect countries to available technical, financial, regulatory and legislative assistance programs, as well as to potential donors;
  • Country reports – to provide a comprehensive snapshot of the counter-terrorism situation in each country and serve as a tool for dialogue between the Committee and Member States;
  • Best practices – to encourage countries to apply known best practices, codes and standards, taking into account their own circumstances and needs; and
  • Special meetings – to develop closer ties with relevant international, regional and sub regional organizations, and to help avoid duplication of effort and waste of resources through better coordination.

Topic A: The possibility of Mexican drugs cartel-helping terrorism overseas

This topic mainly talks about the different drug cartels in Mexico that help the terrorism overseas, that means that the entire drug is send to different countries.
USA and many other countries are worried about the terrorism created by the drug cartels, and also they are worried about them to become more powerful and dangerous. This problem concern all the nations involved in the drug dealing problem and it needs to be stopped.

Historical Background:
Basically the problem is that the Mexican drugs cartel just like the zetas are getting a lot of power and a lot of recourses, like territory, money and people so the USA people is worried about that the terrorist can make an alliance and join with terrorist groups like Al Qaeda so they can become even more dangerous, and then Al Qaeda can take advantage of the Mexican cartels recourses and the Mexican cartels can take advantage of the terrorist groups recourses.

Actually there were not any probes of this but in October 11th 2011 US officials say the two agents contacted the drug trafficker in northern Mexico, offering $1.5 million for the assassination. But that trafficker turned out to be an informant for the Drug Enforcement Agency, foiling a plot that FBI director Robert Mueller said today could have cost many lives. One of the agents reportedly met twice with the trafficker during the summer in the violence-ridden northern city of Reynosa. The accused plotter was unaware that he was actually dealing with an informant. Little information is known about the informant. ABC News reports that he was a member, or posing as a member, of the Zetas cartel.

Some actual facts about the topic:
- In October 27th 2011 Hillary Clinton the secretary of state said that the activities of drug cartels operating in Mexico are similar to those of terrorist groups.
- Clinton, in charge of U.S. foreign policy, participated in a hearing before the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the House of Representatives. It was expected that the focus of the meeting were the situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan, but the officer also answered questions from lawmakers on other issues.
"I expressed my concern about that in the past and we are sensitive to the characteristics that these drug cartels have taken, which certainly resemble terrorist activities," said Clinton, as quoted by Notimex.
- Not the first time U.S. officials warn that Mexican drug traffickers adopt new tactics. In October last year, Roberta S. Jacobson, Secretary of State, said the cartel operations have a new goal to scare the public and pressure the government.
- In December 2006, after he became President Felipe Calderon, Mexico's government began a drive against organized crime with operations in several states. Authorities say the strategy has yielded results, but critics believe that violence has increased.

Bloc Countries:

United States:
USA is directly involved with this conflict because it is one of the main targets of these drug cartels also named “new terrorist”.
Is more than obviously that Mexico is the main country on this topic; this conflict is developing mainly in this country. Mexico has the biggest drug cartels in the world.

Topic B: Drug dealing in Mexico as a risk for international security

The main porpoise of this topic is to discuss about the huge problem where Mexico is involved, the drug dealing, but not only from the interior problems, otherwise from the international point of view, the risk that the drug dealing can cause in the international security, the problems that it can provoke around the globe.

Historical Background:
1, November, Texas, there was a shooting between the Texas police and, members of the gang “los Zetas” the final prove that the violence in Mexico and the Cartels are now reaching part of the U.S.A. 

In 2006, Felipe Calderon Became the actual president of Mexico, he declared war to all the cartels in Mexico, the innocent or guilty people that have die in this war are over 40,000, and the kill count is rising, violence has increased and it began to be ruthless and public, killing many people in gun fights between police and drug cartels, the U.S.A. government began to concern about the situation when the violence started to be public in cities so close to the frontier, like Ciudad Juarez.

The problem was so big, that Michael McCaul a republican congressman said that the cartels should be know and treated like terrorists, this because the increasing violence in Mexico, this in October 5 of 2011, then in October 27 of the same year, Hilary Clinton said that the activities of the Mexican cartels were the same activities the terrorist do, and in November terrorists from Iran asked help from Mexican cartels to assassinate the ambassador from Saudi Arabia in the United States. 

Bloc Countries:

United States:
USA is directly involved with this conflict because it is one of the main targets of these drug cartels also named “new terrorist”. Due to its great drug consume.
Is more than obviously that Mexico is the main country on this topic; this conflict is developing mainly in this country. Mexico has the biggest drug cartels in the world and subsequently, is one of the major drug´s exporters.

Counter Terrorism Committee. Our Mandate. February 29, 2012.

Sixty-first General Assembly Third Committee, (2006 October 5). SPEAKERS UNDERLINE IMPORTANCE OF SOLIDARITY, COOPERATION, AS THIRD COMMITTEE CONCLUDES DISCUSSION OF CRIME PREVENTION, INTERNATIONAL DRUG CONTROL Developing Countries Stress Need for Assistance to Bolster Capacity To Combat Cross-Border Criminal Activity, with UNODC Playing Central Role. February 28, 2012.

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CT Delegate Country
1 Arce Figueroa Abril UK
2 Torres Armendáriz Myrna Lissette ITALY
3 Constantino Rodríguez Lorena AUSTRLIA
5 Díaz Sánchez Ian Alexis ISRAEL
6 Terán Estrella Alejandro AFGHANISTAN
7 Hernández Hernandez Gabriel RUSSIAN FEDERATION
8 Chiquet Michelle ARGELIA
9 Valadez Ávila Germán Macías USA
10 Patiño Zarza Jessica Yazmín SOMALIA
11 Mixtega Jiménez Jesús SOUTH AFRICA
12 Flores Álvarez Jessica GERMANY
13 Gómez Díaz de Sandi Angelina IRAN
14 Robledo González María Teresa IRAK
15 Marquez Miranda José Raúl MEXICO
16 Palacios Muñoz Melanie MORROCO

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